Posted on: October 6, 2020

Inspiration Everywhere – Maze Carpet

The Maze carpet is a fan favorite among Orley Shabahang’s Architectural Collection. Principal designer Bahram Shabahang created this design as an homage to his architectural background. His goal was to balance geometric forms with a focus on proportion. He passed with flying colors in this visually harmonious composition.

The Maze carpet pictured here has a heathered cream field with a solid orange border. The layered geometric forms in the center are orange, brown, red, and camel.

A vital piece in the design of a Persian carpet is creating a pattern of motifs that work together in equilibrium. This way the eye moves through the ensemble rather than focusing on a specific piece of the proverbial puzzle. This understanding guided Shabahang when creating the Maze carpet. Instead of using the typical decorative Persian symbols, he strips his forms down to simpler angular geometries. He uses form and proportion to give the handwoven carpet balanced depth. Furthermore, the use of color highlights these architectural concepts so that the onlooker understands the movement throughout the carpet.

The Maze carpet pictured here is a monochromatic version of the geometric design. The field is cream, the border is grey, and the layered forms are brown, grey, and black.

The Maze carpet has various colorways in its different iterations, but its most interesting jump was its change in weave. When creating the Shag Collection, Shabahang translated the design for its new weave. The plusher knot of the shag rug meant that the design had to be reimagined proportionally. He was able to execute this by swapping smaller solid repeating shapes with linear and outlined forms. This way our customer can have a higher, more plush pile without lessening the quality of its modern design.

The shag Maze carpet pictured here has a cream field with a charcoal grey border. The layered geometric forms in the center are steel grey, charcoal, red, and light yellow.

All of Orley Shabahang’s handmade Persian carpets are woven with the intention of lasting generations. As such, it is paramount for us to create classic designs like the Maze carpet that will not fall out of fashion. Visit the Orley Shabahang website to find more timeless works of art for your floor.