Posted on: January 28, 2020

Inspiration Everywhere – Mahi

Ever wonder how Orley Shabahang comes up with their out-of-this-world carpet designs? Master weaver Bahram Shabahang usually finds his inspirations here on earth. Continue reading to learn about the moment that led to the abstract Mahi design.

This 6' x 9' version of Orley Shabahang's abstract Mahi design shows dark blue bubbles splashed across a light grey field.

Mahi is an exemplar pattern from Orley Shabahang’s Abstract Collection. It was born from the creative mind of owner and lead designer Bahram Shabahang. Most people say it recalls the spots of a leopard print, but Shabahang actually drew his inspiration from an aquatic animal.

This 10' x 14' version of Orley Shabahang's Mahi carpet shows dark blue bubbles patterned across a light grey field.

While visiting a client, he took notice of the home’s spectacular fish tank. There was a particular marine animal whose scales caught his eye. Its pattern reminded Shabahang of the bubbles that were coming out of the fish’s mouth. This visual relation between various aspects of the natural world often inspires Shabahang. For example, many people think that this design is a leopard print, which it very well could be. That is part of the beauty of this world – it is constantly showing us that everything is connected.

This detail shot of Orley Shabahang's Mahi carpet shows light blue bubbles filled with light peach speckles working their way across a chocolate brown field.

Love what you’ve seen? Find Mahi in several color ways and sizes on Orley Shabahang’s website. Here you can find Mahi alongside a variety of modern and contemporary handmade Persian carpets. All of Orley Shabahang’s signature carpets are made with vegetable-dyed handspun wool that is hand-knotted to last for generations, even in the harshest conditions. If you prefer antiques of the same caliber, on the other hand, check out our 1stdibs page to see the historic pieces we have to offer.