Posted on: May 16, 2016

Hand Spun Wool

In order to make the highest quality carpet, you have to start first with the best raw materials. For us, that starts with wool. Orley Shabahang uses Persian fat-tailed sheep (which you can read about here). These sheep have been bred for centuries specifically for carpet making due to the high quality of the wool that comes from these sheep. The quality of this raw wool needs to be maintained, which is why all of our wool is hand spun.


While this process is very labor-intensive and far more expensive than machine-aided approaches, the result is a far richer quality. Hand spinning twists the wool uniquely resulting in an uneven diameter and causes the density of wool to change throughout the ball of yarn.


The asymmetry absorbs each dye differently, which creates an appealing striated color called abrash. Hand spinning also contributes to the wool’s integrity. The irregular width of the wool in turn produces a carpet pile having greater depth and texture, with more interesting hues than ordinary, contemporary production methods.