Posted on: October 15, 2018

Fall Color Trends

Fall into the rich tones of the season! Find the top trending colors of fall 2018 according to the aficionados of Pantone at Orley Shabahang.

Who better to take color advice from than the color powerhouse that is Pantone? In this week’s blog, we match the colors from their “Fashion Color Trend Report” to Orley Shabahang carpets.

Starry Night, 9′ x 12’2″

Starry Night, one of  the many phenomenal carpets in Orley Shabahang’s Galaxy series, uses a warm color palette to create an out-of-this-world design. One can see the deep hue of Red Pear in the bottom corners of the rug. This color is a mix of red madder root with a splash of indigo to achieve its deep, cool-toned red. Earth tones like Almond Buff and Martini Olive are woven throughout the rug to add subtly and fluidity to its complex design.


Winter’s Fruit, 9′ x 12’3″

Winter’s Fruit, a playful design from Orley Shabahang’s Abstract collection, pulls its inspiration from a Persian culinary staple – pomegranate. The cool-toned reds that represent the skin (Valiant Poppy) and seeds (Red Pear) of the pomegranate are balanced by the warm-tones that make up the rest of the carpet. The outline of Meerkat’s mustard-brown hue around the fruit succeeds in achieving this harmony of tonality. This earth tone takes its color from the earth itself; the color is produced by saturating the yarn in straw.


Monarch, 6’2″ x 9’2″

The namesake of Orley Shabahang’s Monarch series, Monarch is full of the brightest trending colors this fall season. Vivid colors such as Valiant Poppy, Ultra Violet, Limelight, and Russet Orange bring the butterfly’s wing to life as they pop off of the earth-toned background. This rug is the perfect piece for someone who is not afraid of color.


Ghashghai, 8’10” x 11’11”

As seen in the May 2018 issue of Interior DesignGhashghai from our newest series, Shag, is full of the season’s trending colors. Because of its strong gray background, this rug can be both understated and obvious depending on the space that it lays. Either way, its plusher knot and higher pile size allows Ghashghai to add comfort for your feet regardless.

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