Posted on: March 25, 2016

A Day In the Life of Orley Shabahang Sheep

Here at Orley Shabahang we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality carpets possible. In order to do that we need to use only the best quality materials. That begins with using the highest pedigree of sheep, Persian fat-tailed sheep, which have been bred for centuries specifically for carpet making.


Each morning, the sheep wake up in the hills of Iran’s Ghashghai region. All of our sheep are herded here because the climate of the region is ideal. Throughout their day the sheep are fed using only organic grasses. During the two to three week period that the sheep’s wool grows, the animals are run through the mountains. This running gets the sheep to sweat, which release high amounts of lanolin into the wool. Lanolin-rich wool not only helps to maintain a sheen that enhances color over time, but it is naturally stain resistant and aids in preventing foreign matter from ruining carpets.


It’s important for us to keep our sheep fit, healthy, and happy, because content sheep produce the best wool. Wool from unhappy sheep is known to break easily, while happy sheep produce wool that is soft, flexible, and beautiful. Our herd of sheep contains 24 different natural shades, and we love all of them because they each play a special role in the different undyed and dyed carpet designs that we create.