Posted on: March 31, 2020

Color Trend Report – Spring 2020

With a new season in full swing, it is time to check in with the color specialists at Pantone. This week we take a look at the Pantone Color Trend Report inspired by New York Fashion Week. In true Orley Shabahang form, the spring palette mixes the old with the new, layering understated classics with bright and youthful tones.

Kissing Peacocks from Orley Shabahang's Art Nouveau collection uses the bright 'Orange Peel' hue from Pantone's Color Trend Report so that this symmetrical peacock pattern pops off of its grey background.

The flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer, and the weather is finally warming up. That means it is time to gear up for the spring season! With the arrival of spring comes Pantone’s Fashion Color Trend Report. Let’s see which of Orley Shabahang’s vegetable dyed yarns make the cut for being on trend this season.

Orley Shabahang's French inspired Savonnerie carpet uses Pantone's Color Trend Report earth tones 'Faded Denim' and 'Chive' on a cream background in its border to elegantly contrast the strong rust color in the carpet's field.

This 9’x12′ Savonnerie carpet is Orley Shabahang’s take on a European classic. The name says it all. This French design was inspired by and named for the most successful European carpet manufacturers of the 17th century. Here you can find a whole range of earth tones. Pantone’s soft hues of ‘Faded Denim’ and ‘Chive’ in the carpet’s border are balanced by the bold rust orange in its field. Savonnerie is part of Orley Shabahang’s Formal Collection and lends itself well to such spaces. This French-inspired symmetrical medallion design phenomenally anchors a room with an ornamental crystal chandelier hanging above a decorative dark wood chair and sofa set.

Orley Shabahang's famous Rain design consists of repeated geometric bands that use two of Panone's Color Trend Report colors - the soft blue 'Faded Denim' for its design and the neutral cream 'Sunlight' for its background.

One of Orley Shabahang’s most popular designs, this 5’x7′ version of Rain utilizes ‘Faded Denim’ and ‘Sunlight’. This carpet’s banded linear designs make it an aesthetically diverse carpet, especially with this relaxed color palette. A Persian carpet like this can easily be in a minimalist, modern, or contemporary space. Alternatively, its tribal-like aesthetic can add to the warmth of a room filled with unique treasures and patterns from around the world. Check out our feature in Boston Home to see how designers Sharon DaSilva and Kyle Timothy Blood used a version of this carpet in a rural Cape Cod farmhouse.

Seaside, part of Orley Shabahang's Art Deco collection, uses a combination of Pantone's Color Trend Report in its mirrored geometric design. The deep 'Cinnamon Stick' tone allows the warm yellow 'Saffron' to come to life in the carpet's design.

Seaside, from Orley Shabahang’s Art Deco collection, balances Pantone’s warm ‘Cinnamon Stick’ and ‘Saffron’ hues with a neutral cream. A unique piece for the modern connoisseurs of the world, its composition of angular geometries mixed with playful curves make it Bauhausian. Its combination of beauty and function, craft and fine art surely follow the Bauhaus ethos. The chosen colors only add to the retro effect. And like the Bauhaus school, talented women are the ones doing the weaving.

Check out Orley Shabahang’s to see what other unique, handmade Persian carpets fall in line with Pantone’s Color Trend Report. With a variety of styles and color ways to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect piece of art for your floor!