Posted on: October 1, 2019

Color Trend Report – Fall 2019

‘Tis the season for a bold and confident color palette according to the experts at Pantone. Spruce up your interiors and keep up with the latest color trend with Orley Shabahang’s handcrafted Persian carpets.

A Senneh-inspired Gol Farang design shows rows of red and orange flowers on a blue field. Even though the design is traditional, its use of color stays on trend for this season.

After mourning the end of summer, it is time to appreciate all that the fall season has to offer. This includes the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report, inspired by the threads from New York Fashion Week. This week we find these striking hues in our very own Orley Shabahang handmade original designs. We use only the highest quality vegetable dyes on our handspun wool to achieve the multifaceted tones seen in our carpets.

Orley Shabahang's Echoes carpet is a pattern of "Sugar Almond" brown, "Peach Pink", and light blue waves that push their way across the canvas while staying on color trend.

Looking to add a fresh twist to your living room? Orley Shabahang’s Echoes design might just be the answer you have been waiting for! Hailing from our Art Deco collection, this 8’x10′ version of Echoes outlines Peach Pink waves with Sugar Almond brown. An icy blue ribbon flows across the top of the pattern to complete the motif. The expansive curvilinear movement throughout this piece makes it the perfect companion for a modern space. These waves help soften the hard edges of modernity, while the splash of Peach Pink and light blue keep it soft yet playful.

Symmetrical Bijar-styled flowers of reds, green, and light blue create an almost Art Nouveau-like picture in this transitional design that stays relevant to this season's trend thanks to its colorway.

Looking for something a touch more traditional? This Bijar-inspired carpet from Orley Shabahang’s Transitional collection has the ability to run the gamut. It lends itself seamlessly to a traditional home, but it can also pull together a mid-century modern interior thanks to its colorway and large-scale pattern. The warm tones in this 9’x12′ include strong colors like Bluestone and Biking Red that are balanced by softer hues of sage green and almond beige.

This fractal-like design shows concentric curvilinear shapes of charcoal, white, deep red, bright orange, and light blue that align closely with the color trend this season.

Looking to add that wow-factor to your home? The search stops here. Synergy, a resident all-star from Orley Shabahang’s Galaxy collection, is a showstopper. This 9’x12′ reflects our newest palette for this design and it is the definition of color trend this season. Biking Red, Dark Cheddar, and icy blue hues move with neutrals ranging from dark charcoal to vanilla. As the literal foundation of the room, this handmade carpet deserves to be the piece around which the rest of the space is designed. It provides a phenomenal color swatch to work from as well as a design that will never bore.