Posted on: October 15, 2019

Building From The Ground Up – Galaxy Collection

Looking to make a statement with your floor? Orley Shabahang’s Galaxy collection does just that! Continue reading to get inspiration from these well-designed spaces that feature a handmade, out-of-this-world carpet.

Orley Shabahang's Synergy carpet from our Galaxy collection shows threads of neutral beiges and blues in a contemporary space with similar toned curvilinear furniture and gold accents.

Inspired by the visual mimicry between an atom and the universe it builds, Orley Shabahang’s Galaxy collection is phenomenal. This fractalesque series was designed by our owner Bahram Shabahang. Like all signature Orley Shabahang pieces, every carpet in the Galaxy collection is handmade from start to finish. These one-of-a-kind floor coverings use handspun wool dyed with natural vegetable dyes, which are then hand-knotted into masterpieces.

Linda Ruderman uses Orley Shabahang's Whorl carpet in a wood paneled study overlooking the ocean. This carpet is a round with gradient brushed swirls of greens, blues, reds, oranges, and creams.
This version of Whorl from Orley Shabahang's Galaxy collection is a gradient brushed swirl of greens, blues, reds, oranges, and creams.

Designer Linda Ruderman enlisted Orley Shabahang to weave a custom round carpet from the Galaxy collection. Featured in Luxe magazine, Ruderman blends traditional motifs and finishes with this modern gem on the the floor. The subtlety and fluidity of Whorl‘s tone effortlessly brings color into this wood-paneled office, while the complexity of the design remains forever nuanced.

Robert Couturier uses Synergy from Orley Shabahang's Galaxy collection in a living room that mixes Art Deco with Midcentury Modern.
Synergy from Orley Shabahang's Galaxy collection demonstrates two asymmetrical curvilinear movements that almost meet at the carpet's centerline. This version of Synergy has vegetable dyed farms of various shades of blue, green, pink, and cream

In the living room of Anne Hearst and Jay McInerney’s Greenwich Village penthouse, Robert Couturier’s design seamlessly incorporates a Synergy carpet from Orley Shabahang’s Galaxy collection. Despite the couple’s different design sensibilities, this dreamy carpet helps blend the boundaries between traditional and contemporary. Its colors are then reverberated throughout the art and accessories in the space. You can read the full story behind this well-crafted renovation (and see more photos!) in Architectural Digest.

From Orley Shabahang's Galaxy collection, the blue yarns of Nocturne are accompanied by contemporary furniture that is accented with red finishes and accessories.
Nocturne demonstrates curvilinear swirls of blues, greens and creams that turn to yellows and oranges as they move closer to the center.

Nocturne gives an added twist to this funky space. Curvilinear swirls of blues, green, yellow, and orange meet at an amoeba-like center. These extraterrestrial motifs add a show-stopping piece of functional art to a room of contemporary furniture.

Mise En Scene Design wows with Nebula from Orley Shabahang's Galaxy collection in an otherwise minimal and contemporary New York loft.
Nebula, from Orley Shabahang's Galaxy collection is a cosmic collection of bubbles and waves of light blue, mustard, and cream on a midnight blue field.

Mise En Scene does it again, this time with Nebula. The carpet becomes a fluid part of the room’s design despite the minimalist vibe of this New York loft. The ultra-smooth curves and forms found in this contemporary home bond the Persian carpet to the space impeccably. Additionally, the warm browns and mustard are echoed in the wood grains, while the blues are accented by the other textiles in the space.

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