Posted on: April 16, 2018

Building from the Ground Up – 5 Stunning Living Rooms

The Spring season is always a good excuse for a change so why not switch up your living room rug? Keep reading to get some inspiration!

Interior by Mise En Scene Design

Now listed on the Luxe Gold List 2018, this “Coastal Retreat” by Linda Ruderman Interiors was originally featured in Luxe’s November 2016 issue. One can find Orley Shabahang signature pieces throughout this exquisite Connecticut residence, with Morning Glory setting the foundation for the Biedermeier styled living room. This elegant and understated Art Nouveau design, custom made with hand-spun wool and silk, enhances the balance and symmetry that Ruderman creates in the space. Her client immediately understood what makes Orley Shabahang rugs the perfect fit for this project, saying “I love the modern aesthetic and I wanted a more eclectic style.”

Morning Glory, 9′ x 12′


In the living room of Anne Hearst and Jay McInerney’s Greenwich Village penthouse, Robert Couturier, Inc. seamlessly incorporates a Synergy carpet from Orley Shabahang’s Galaxy collection. This dreamy carpet brought together the divided design sensibilities of the couple, with Anne typically drawn to the traditional and Jay to the contemporary. The blending of the boundaries between traditional and contemporary is pushed further with the mix of Art Deco and midcentury furniture that sits on top of the rug. You can read the full story behind this well-crafted renovation in the March 2013 edition of Architectural Digest.


Synergy, 9′ x 12′


Rain No.1 was the ideal living room rug for this New York family’s Cape Cod retreat, seen featured below in Boston Home’s December 2014 issue. The project was a collaboration between the architecture firm Polhemus Savery DaSilva and the interior designers at Kyle Timothy Blood Home. The family expressed their desire for expansive spaces that still felt cozy and welcoming. The spacious, sun-filled living room is a great example of this dream’s actualization. The room is warmed with the wood paneled walls, and further comfort is added by the Orley Shabahang pure wool rug on the floor. The beauty of our Rain series is its rich yet minimal designs; the small scale linear patterns make it a great rug to add character and texture to any space.

Rain No.1, 9′ x 12′


There’s more than one living room in this extensively renovated barn by Jed Johnson Associates. As the article “Flextime” in last month’s Connecticut Cottages and Gardens explains, the goal of the project was to turn an abandoned carriage barn into open plan, lofted spaces with flexible programs for a father and his three children. The entire home takes a modern and industrial approach to interior design. All of the building materials are neutral colors, allowing the inherent beauty of the material’s composition and form to speak for itself. One of the living spaces grows from the an Orley Shabahang rug called White Noise, a neutral flatweave that is composed of undyed wool. Its lack of color is not to say, however, that the design lacks dynamism. The wave-like motion of the varying natural colors creates a strong visual texture that does not compete with its surroundings, but rather accentuates them. This allows for bursts of color to enter the space through paintings, furniture, and objects d’art.

White Noise, 9′ x 12′

You will find an architectural Orley Shabahang design called Labyrinth in another one of the home’s living spaces. This sophisticated design pairs well with the sleek architectural finishes and details. Similar to the previous living space, the neutral tone of this rug couples nicely with adjacent neutrals and helps to create a palette that best represents the accents of color.  

Labyrinth, 8′ x 10′


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