Posted on: November 5, 2018

Building From The Ground Up – 5 Dining Rooms To Inspire You This Holiday Season

Hosting this holiday season? Continue reading this week’s blog to get some inspiration for your dining room, and lay an Orley Shabahang carpet on the floor that all your guests will remember.

Interior by Mise En Scene

The dining room pictured below, designed by Mise en Scene, creates a serene space that is perfect for enjoying the breathtaking view while sharing a meal with  friends and family. The hard angles of the room’s architecture as well as some of its furniture and accessories, are softened by curvilinear accents throughout the room. Further enriching this balance between line and arc is Orley Shabahang’s Rain No.1 rug that frames the floor beneath the dining table. From the expansive variety of Orley Shabahang’s original designs, the Rain Series lends itself most easily to any space. Its small scale, repetitive pattern keeps the piece subtle, yet there is excitement in the movement that arises from the details and intricacies in this handmade, high-quality rug. It can also move effortlessly between traditional and modern spaces, especially in this neutral colorway, making it the perfect rug for this space.


Featured in the Luxe Gold List 2018, Linda Ruderman’s dining room in this Connecticut seaside home knocks mid-century modern out of the park! Nautilus, from Orley Shabahang’s Art Deco Collection, brings fluidity into the room with its design that is reminiscent of the golden ratio. This carpet superbly complements the rest of the decor in the room not only in its patterned motif, but also in its richness of color and quality. The golden silk pattern effectively ties the rug to the sunburst mirror and the delicate ceiling fixture, while the natural striation of the indigo-dyed wool in the carpet’s background connects the floor seamlessly to the sky and sea outside the window.


Orley Shabahang’s Riverbed, part of the Architectural Collection, frames this dining room by architect Inson Dubois Wood that was published in New York Spaces. This townhouse pairs modern furniture that is rich in its form but neutral in color with an ultra-modern art collection. The motion running through the rug is created by stone-like ovals of varying sizes. Each circle is unique, creating a nonuniform design, but the neutral colorway composed of undyed wool allows the focus of the space to be the art on the wall.


At last year’s DIFFA Dining By Design event, which runs in conjunction with the Architectural Digest Show, BNO Design expertly paired Poltrona Frau‘s luxurious Italian furniture with Orley Shabahang’s Persepolis carpet in the vignette pictured below. Although the rug reads here as modern, its is inspired by tribal rugs in its use of geometry and color. The squares and rectangles in the design create a depiction of the plan view of the ancient palace at Persepolis. Additionally, the neutral background is punctuated with small pops of all three primary colors. Rug connoisseurs could draw strong connections to Bakhtiari or Gabbeh carpets, but either way, Persepolis stands the test of time and transitions easily into today’s sensibilities thanks to the modern forms called out by the furniture in the space. You can find this piece as part of Orley Shabahang’s Architectural Collection.


Found in last month’s Architectural Digest, Michael Smith’s rich and imaginative style comes to fruition in this Manhattan apartment. Droplet, a small-scale, repeated pattern from Orley Shabahang’s Architectural Collection, is the perfect addition to this blue dining area. Two contrasting shades of blue move in unison to create a pattern of circles that are outlined in a line of white knots, creating an understated yet complex design. This shot perfectly encapsulates the quality and luxury of this space, which is further enhanced by the Orley Shabahang rug on the ground.

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