Posted on: August 7, 2017

Baskets of Panama

While our primary focus is our own carpet production, there is another stunning work of art we deal in! Read a little about our incredible collection of baskets from Panama!


These incredible baskets are hand woven by the Wounaan Indians in Panama. They’re created using hand dyed palm leaves and fibers from Chunga and Nagual trees. They’re woven using the difficult and refined peyando technique, which is a very intricate and sophisticated braid like method using needles. The largest of the baskets can take up to two years to create.



Throughout this collection, bird, butterfly, and floral motifs can be seen. The designs are tribal yet contemporary much like many of the designs in our carpets. Similar to Iranian weaving, this weaving tradition is passed down from mother to daughter. They’re said to be woven so tightly that they can hold water.

We’re so proud to have these works of art on display alongside our carpets! You can view the collection HERE and in both of our showrooms. All are available for purchase!