Posted on: September 1, 2020

Antique Spotlight – Antique Persian Malayer

This antique Persian Malayer was handwoven with handspun wool and local vegetable dyes circa 1880. It measures 5’6″ x 9’3″ and remains in good antique condition all these decades later. This is because of the level of attention to detail and quality paid in the carpet-making process. Originating from the Malayer town called Meeshan, this antique Persian carpet has the area’s renowned fine weaving style. It exhibits yarns of red, navy, cream, green and gold have muted naturally over the years.

This antique Persian Malayer carpet has a rectangular navy central medallion filled with geometric floral and fauna motifs. It is surrounded by red and gold flower beds. The multi-banded border houses geometric floral and paisley patterns.

In addition to the longevity of its weave, this piece has a special design. Its imagery was woven improvisationally like many Meeshan Malayer rugs. Taking inspiration from her own life, this artist depicts the garden that is the Persian courtyard. This weaver, however, was able to execute a very sophisticated picture. The geometric blue central medallion represents the central pool of water – a vital component in any Persian garden. It is filled with tribal fish, butterfly, and floral motifs. This is surrounded by triangular flower beds ripe with colorful flower designs. Between the two sits a hexagonal red field filled with a variety of birds and flora. As a composer builds layers of sound into a symphony, this weaver too builds layers of beauty into a piece of art that has outlasted generations.

In the winter when your garden is bare, this carpet will stop you from despair! You can find this antique Persian Malayer on Orley Shabahang‘s 1stDibs page. Here you can also peruse the wide range of completely handmade styles we have in stock.