Posted on: November 17, 2020

Antique Spotlight – Antique Persian Ghashghai Carpet

This week’s antique spotlight comes to us from our very own 1stDibs storefront, this fabulous Persian Ghasghai carpet. With its rich tones and exquisite motifs, this carpet could be the next statement for your home.

Crafted in Iran, circa 1920, this hand-knotted Ghashghai measures 5’5” x 6’9” and crafted using traditional Persian weaving techniques. Similar to Orley Shabahang’s modern carpet collection, these weaving techniques include utilizing hand-spun wool, dying the wool using organic vegetable dyes, and hand knotting each strand for the carpet’s pile. Today, weavers still prefer this weaving technique due to the soft pile and durable and functional foundation it creates.

Despite being just over 100 years old, this Persian Ghashghai carpet is still in excellent antique condition thanks to this carpet’s traditional Persian weave. This style of weave holds the rug together without the use of glues or binding agents. The design in this carpet depicts a flourishing Persian bagh garden with a large flock of birds sitting within the garden’s interior. The dual, centered medallions represent water fixtures typically found in Persian bagh gardens. These motif dealings are done in red, cream, orange, and blue wool to build fabulous contrast with the carpet’s rich indigo background. Moving outward, we are greeted by hundreds of bird motifs. What we find exceptional about this carpet is the spacing between these motifs and how this weaver executed this continuous pattern without feeling excessive.