Posted on: February 27, 2017

Antique Spotlight!

White Samarkand Khotan Carpet, circa 1870.


This stunning white Samarkand Khotan carpet consists of a cotton warp and weft, hand-knotted pure wool pile and organic vegetal dyes. Created over 100 years ago circa 1870, its unique coloration, age and fine quality make it a truly exceptional piece that’s in incredible condition. The varying neutral tones add dimension to the large-scale design, balanced by the carpet’s border and field.

This is such a timeless and unique design that we’ve┬árecreated this design┬áin our contemporarily made carpets. This tribal design is something that translates beautifully from antique to newly made. Made the same way as antiques, all of our carpets use handspun wool, natural vegetal dyes, and are woven by hand.


You can view this antique and many more on our 1stdibs page!