Posted on: January 16, 2017

Antique Spotlight!

Persian Qashqai Carpets circa 1940!


These Persian Qashqai carpets, circa 1940 consist of wool warps and wefts and hand-knotted pure wool piles. The vibrant colors were all created using natural vegetable dyes, with beautiful red, orange and gold tones shown throughout the carpet. The creams in both carpets are undyed natural wool from the sheep.

The neutral tones of the geometric border balance the color scheme and overall design, further complementing the unique characteristics of the central leopard in the orange leopard carpet. In Persian folklore, Leopards often symbolize an elevated state or closeness with the divine. Certainly this is a very striking and powerful piece, special even among other animal carpets of its kind. The size is 3’1″ x 5′.



In the other carpet, the vibrant red field accentuates the striking image of the carpet’s central leopard, completed in beige with black and orange details. Symbolizing closeness with the divine in Persian folklore, the leopard is a powerful figure as shown in this Qashqai piece. This carpet measures 3.4″ x 4.5″ and is in excellent vintage condition.



These carpets and other antique Persian carpets were the inspirations for our contemporary limited series, our Animal Collection.

You can view both of these carpets and many more on our 1st Dibs page!