Posted on: August 15, 2016

Antique Spotlight!

Bakhtiari Cow Blanket Kilim from the 1890s


This Bakhtiari cow blanket created, circa 1890 was used to keep pregnant cows warm prior to and following the birth of their calves. The kilim background consists of undyed handspun wool, woven to show the natural cream, gray and brown tones of the tribe’s sheep in a contrasting repeated pattern. The blanket also exhibits an exceptionally unique hand-knotted wool pile design with vibrant coloration. These bright pinks and oranges were created using organic vegetable dyes, derived from the natural surroundings where the Bakhtiari tribe traveled. This one-of-a-kind blanket illustrates the great respect the Bakhtiari held for the cows that traveled with them, who provided them with precious resources including their milk and calves. They thus created such blankets especially for these cows, to keep them warm and to honor them with their beauty. This blanket is an improvisational piece of art and truly a piece of history. The size is 3’2″ x 6’5″, and it is in excellent antique condition.



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