Posted on: June 4, 2018

Building From The Ground Up – 5 Carpets Fit For A Countryside Retreat

There is no better time to freshen up your summer house now that the season is upon us. Continue reading to find inspiration for your getaway.

Published in Luxe magazine last year, Linda Ruderman’s “Coastal Retreat” uses Orley Shabahang’s Riverbed design to complement the family room’s neutral palette. This soothing piece from our Architectural Collection creates movement through its irregular pattern of ovals, becoming reminiscent of water flowing over the rocks in a riverbed. It is a fitting rug for any home near the water! The design is understated enough to let other pieces in the room make the initial impact, but you’ll never tire of getting lost in the motion of this rug.

Riverbed, 8′ x 10′

Reflections is another water-invoking design that would be suitable for a country retreat that is not afraid of color. This balanced design, featured below in Traditional Home, brilliantly shows the depth and texture of color that results from Orley Shabahang’s handcrafted process. The natural ‘abrash,’ or striation of color, is the outcome of handspun wool and organic vegetable dyes. When the wool is spun using the drop spindle method, the diameter throughout the yarn is nonuniform and as such will absorb color differently. This brings to life the body of water depicted in the design. Reflections is part of Orley Shabahang’s Art Nouveau Collection, and its transitional style makes it a great pick for traditional  tastes as well as modern aesthetics.

Reflections, 10′ x 14′


This piece has the perfect whimsical touch to brighten up any space. The rug’s abstract design and use of color will add a modern and playful twist to any space that needs a burst of life.

F252-2967, 10′ x 14′

Synergy, from Orley Shabahang’s Galaxy Collection, was just the fix for designer Ellen Hanson in her client’s home. Featured below in East Coast Home + Design this time last year, Synergy‘s contemporary design seamlessly updates the homeowner’s prized antique collection. The deep blues and sage greens are calmed by the soft peaches and creams in this other-worldly piece to create a harmonious space.

Synergy, 10′ x 11′

You will find all of these Orley Shabahang original designs on our website. You can also visit an Orley Shabahang showroom or retailer near you today to find a rug that is the perfect fit for your home.