Posted on: December 11, 2017

5 Great Carpets for a Winter Cabin

With the holidays and snow upon us, we decided to pick a few great carpets that would go great in any cozy winter getaway.


While butterflies may not be a winter animal, this carpet with its rich dark brown and cool blue and speckles of white that look so much like snow is perfect for any home.

Flutter, Pure Wool, 8’10” x 12’6″


This beautiful rain carpet with its warm deep blue and grey is a subtle almost neutral looking carpet that would pair beautifully with some bright furniture.

Rain No. 1, Pure Wool, 7’11” x 10′


This fun yet simple animal carpet is perfect to brighten up any space.

Leopard, Wool and Silk, 3′ x 5′


Genesis from our Galaxy Series has the colors of this holiday season and is reminiscent of a beautiful winter storm.

Genesis, Pure Wool,  8’10” x 12’4″


Last, but certainly not least, is our stunning Paisley carpet with its cream flowers and deep rich blue, this arts & crafts carpets is a beautiful match for any home.

Paisley, Pure Wool, 7’10” x 12’6″