Posted on: March 5, 2019

Building From The Ground Up – 5 Persian Carpets That Will Make Any Small Space Grow

With a demographic shift towards urban living, why not learn the tricks of the trade? Help make your small space look expansive by laying Persian carpets on the floor.

Contemporary interior with an ornately designed Haji Jalili antique Tabriz Persian carpet with a Tree of Life Design that has a soft color palette

Need some inspiration to turn your small space into the talk of the town? See how interior designers are using Orley Shabahang’s Persian carpets to transform their clients’ experiences of living in a New York City apartment. Whether your tastes are traditional, ultra-modern, or anywhere in between, Orley Shabahang has a wide variety of designs that will elevate any room in your home.

Modern office space with a geometric cream and blue Persian carpet from Orley Shabahang

Hand-knotted Orley Shabahang Lattice carpet in a blue and cream colorway

With their client’s desire to harmoniously meld the old and the new in mind, design duo Laura Santos and Sandy Weingort effortlessly curated a 7,000 square-foot work-live space for artist Kerri Scharlin and her family in Greenwich Village. As seen in the photo above, published in the May 2018 issue of Architectural Digest, the designers specified a custom Orley Shabahang Lattice design for the home’s library. Lattice provides the perfect foundation for the jewel-toned green couch along with midcentury modern light fixture and vintage coffee table. The soft blue tones in this modern Persian carpet connect to the other blues in the room such as the wall, the coffee table, and the pillows on the couch. The cream background, however, draws the rug to light-grain wood floor. Because the elements of this handmade carpet read so closely with the other features of the room, a visual openness is created between the different planes in this small library space.

Vistas, a modern shag Persian carpet designed and made by Orley Shabahang, lays on the floor of a New York apartment

Vistas modern Persian carpet

As seen in the last year’s June issue of the Wall Street Journal, Orley Shabahang’s Vistas shag rug revamps the living room of designer Bachman Brown’s Chelsea apartment. While this contemporary carpet design reflects the colors from many of the space’s defining features (which as previously mentioned helps visually open and expand the space), it’s large-scale design also helps makes the room look bigger. Furthermore, a large rug in a small space unifies the architectural elements of the room so that the floor’s foot print does indeed look larger.

Modern Rain Persian carpet by Orley Shabahang in neutral colorway on the floor of a brightly lit contemporary living room of New York apartment

Orley Shabahang's Rain No.1 design in neutral colors. This Persian carpet is completely handmade with a pure wool pile.

Interior designer Kyle Timothy Blood opted for an Orley Shabahang Rain No.1 pure wool carpet for his alcove studio apartment in West Chelsea. Blood expertly implements neutral tones throughout the room. All of the large elements in this open plan space that functions as a study, a living room, and a bedroom, are muted tones. This allows Blood to liven up the space by bringing color in through accessories such as pillows, the desk lamp, and artwork on the wall. Not only is the room perceived as larger because its canvas is neutral, but the accent colors also draw the eye to different corners of the space. To see more photos of the space, scroll through the interview published on NY Social Diary.

two small modern Persian carpets with three-dimensional designs sit side-by-side in an Art Deco inspired walk-in closet

Art Deco Persian carpet design of cubes with varying patterns on each side that repeat to make an overall pattern

Art Deco Persian carpet design of layered three-dimensional cylinders with colored stripes that correspond to the color bands around the border

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a model’s closet looks like? Thanks to the September 2017 publication of Architectural Digest, we get a glimpse into Australian model Jessica Hart’s Gramercy Park apartment. Designer Remy Renzullo pairs a strong red wall color with Art Deco inspired motifs in the drapes, pillows and cushions, and the two Orley Shabahang Persian carpets (Origami and Confections) on the floor. This is a completely different approach to visually expand a space when compared to the previous example of using a neutral base as your palette. Renzullo purposefully applies bold patterns and colors to this walk-in closet with a thread of Art Deco styles, harmoniously connecting them all. The rich layering of elements in this small space engages the eye  and as such makes the room feel larger than its square footage would suggest.

To find the perfect Persian carpets for your small spaces, visit an Orley Shabahang retailer near you or e-mail us at [email protected] With a large inventory of in-stock options readily available as well as custom alternatives, Orley Shabahang takes great pride in providing its clients with the highest quality product and customer service.