Posted on: August 20, 2018

Building From The Ground Up – 5 Carpets Fit For Cozying Up Any Bedroom

Want to add to a touch of comfort to your bedroom? Find the perfect rug to sink your toes into at Orley Shabahang.

We love teaming up with esteemed architect and designer Suzanne Lovell. Her passion for quality shines through in her book “Artistic Interiors: Designing with Fine Art Collections,” where you can find many Orley Shabahang masterpieces adorning the floor. Pictured below, “Current” is an Orley Shabahang signature piece from our Art Deco Collection. This carpet perfectly plays off of the custom nightstand whose colors and hardware are reminiscent of Chinese lacquer furniture. The red hue in the carpet pops when placed in the proximity of the red accents in the nightstand, but the subtleties of this flowing design do not compete with the other textures and patterns in the room. Carpet designs like “Current” work harmoniously in spaces such as this with rich colors and bold compositions.

In this Manhattan apartment with a breathtaking view, Suzanne Lovell Inc traded in ornamentation for sleek, modern finishes. In the bedroom, one will find an Orley Shabahang “Checkers” carpet from our Minimalist Collection. Using a neutral palette of greiges and whites, the Tom Wesselmann painting, and even more so the spectacular view of New York City, become the focus of the space. This understated carpet with its richness of color variation is perfect for a space that strives for nuanced minimalism.


Another one of our favorite design firms to work with is Mise en Scene Design. Principal designer Hadas Dembo is a natural at creating balanced spaces filled with fascinating decorative and fine arts. In the SoHo bedroom pictured below, she seamlessly brought together the space with a phenomenal wool and silk version of “Labyrinth” from Orley Shabahang’s Architectural Collection. The light silk design pops off of the neutral wool background, creating a rich look and feel on the floor without fighting against the strong sculptural composition of the statue and lighting fixture. This tone-on-tone carpet helps connect all of the components in the bedroom, with the benefit of silk bringing an element of luxury into the space.

Hadas Dembo works her magic yet again in this Lennox Hill townhouse. The cohesive monotone finishes are enhanced with a pop of color on the floor, creating the quintessential low-key, modern space. Complementary colors blue and yellow are repeated in this version of Orley Shabahang’s “Empire State ” design, a true staple of our Architectural Collection. The repetition of this small-scale pattern does a great job of maintaining the modern aesthetic, but at the same time, the use of color keeps the room more interesting. By incorporating these colors in an otherwise greyscale palette, Mise En Scene Design makes the room feel more inviting and less sterile. 


Published in The Wall Street Journal in December 2013’s gift guide, “Rise” from Orley Shabahang’s Architectural Collection was laid next to the bed. This decision is cohesive with the sensibilities of the space because this carpet brings a neutral colorway to an otherwise lively mix of decorative objects and textiles. The carpet holds it’s own power and beauty, but it does so without competing against the bold pillows, rich bed coverings, and unique bedside lamp. The carpet’s texture and striation of color, which is the result of Orley Shabahang’s completely natural and handmade processes, cohesively keeps up with the sophistication of the space.


Find the perfect rug for your bedroom at Orley Shabahang. Thanks to the wide variety of hand-made carpets that we have in stock, you can easily complete the look of your hideaway with an added touch of elevated unconformity.